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Services: Powder Skiing and Snowboarding in Northern Utah

My dad is a 35 year ski patrol veteran so growing up in northern Jersey we went to our local resort Vernon Valley/Great Gorge, now Mountain Creek, pretty much every Saturday during the winter since I was three.
My Aunt Doris and Uncle Fred moved into the Nordic Valley part of the Ogden Valley during the 1980's and lucky for me Dad packed up Mom, my brother, and myself three times to visit Utah while I was a kid. Once in the summer and twice during the winter. One winter year was 1984, an epic snow year for northern Utah, the year a big slide lept out of a giant gully and leveled a large patch of terrain now called the Burn. I remember arriving at SLC airport and being so bewildered that there was only one inch of snow on the ground with some piles around. To my relief, in the the mountains where they lived there was a mind blowing settled snow up to roofs of houses glorious white playground. I still skied back then and it was epic for my brother and I to go thru the woods from the ski area back to the house.
One winter my friend Jeff showed up at a local sled hill with a wooden Burton something with aluminum side fins and that was the beginning of by breakup with skiing. My buddies and I already skateboarded and were starting to surf so this new toy for the winter was just amazing.
In 1986 Vernon Valley allowed snowboards on a demo basis and we did, and theres been no turning back.
In the year 2000 opportunity presented itself and I moved to Ogden Utah where I've had a topo map of the Mount Ogden area on my wall and a seasons pass at Snowbasin ski resort each year since then. I love the mountains of Utah and am particularly close with the Mount Ogden area terrain.
There are great runs within the ski area boundaries for all age and ability levels. This terrain is lift accessed and the ski patrol perform avalanche mitigation work in these areas. Smooth groomers, steep groomers, powder under the lift, open snow fields, sunny aspen glades, shady conifer forests, steeps, deeps, and face shots all available from lift accessed terrain.
Then there is the terrain outside of or adjacent to the ski area boundaries that is not exclusive of age but requires a healthy respect of ones own ability level. This terrain utilizes lift access and often includes a walk of some sorts. Ski patrol does not perform avalanche mitigation work in these areas and there are generally no groomers or cat-tracks.
Seeking out the best combination of terrain, snow depth, snow density, and rider ability is great fun for me.
Here is where we find some of the greatest snow on earth in a frenzy free environment that ski mountain exploring was meant to be.
All terrain is considered avalanche terrain and evaluated using various tools and skiied with an eye for avalanche awareness, even in bounds. This is big mountain terrain and conditions will vary from one part of the mountain to the other.
For those looking forward into getting into this type of terrain and riding experience I offer lesson and training opportunities. There are those just starting in their snowboarding experience and those who are already experienced skiiers and riders seeking to expand their comfort level in new terrain.
Enjoying big mountain terrain in a safe manner are skills that can be learned. Evaluating snow for both stability and riding quality, safe route finding, great line finding, effective traversing, single fall line identification, ridge riding, hiding tracks, rider confidence building, rider ettiquette, right of way rules of the mountain, and avalanche awareness are all skills that become second nature with time.
We also want to learn about snow science, how cold northerly terrain, sun touched south facing slopes, early morning easterly slopes and late day sun westernly slopes all behave differently and how to avoid horrible riding conditions like re-freezing snow, un-supportable snow, sticky snow, re-frozen avalanche debris snow, avalanche prone areas and more.
Adventure sking and side country exploration.
Guide work is done on a tour for tips basis where your happiness level is your payment guide.
Oh yes, lets be clear.
Untracked powder means not a single track visible since the last snow fall, excluding animals.
Contact us to arrange for guide, tour or hospitality information.

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