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Services: Real Estate Services

Property Management:
Knowledgeable manager services that address all aspects of a property:
  • Yard care and landscape: Mow, control weeds, pick up branches, water, rake leaves, control bushes
  • Seasonal: Outdoor water on/off, sprinklers, clear gutters, prep evaporative coolers
  • Bi-Annual: Check kitchen sink drain and water lines for leaks, check bathroom lavatory, toilet, shower and tub for leaks, change furnace filters
  • Keep exterior paint fresh
  • Advise tenants of lease violations
  • Rent collection
Remodel and property upgrade services:
  • New up to code meter main electrical service
  • New up to code service panel electrical service
  • Replace galvanized culinary water pipe with PEX or copper
  • Replace old plumbing valves or fixtures
  • Bathroom remodels and upgrades
  • Replace/repair outdoor facia and soffit
  • Add appropriate roof venting
  • Replace windows
  • Replace / repair interior and exterior doors
  • Update knob and tube wiring to current standards
  • Replace light fixtures
  • Build custom wood work items
  • Design and build custom decks and stairs
  • Concrete form work and flat work
  • Sprinkler design and installation
  • Ceramic and porcelain tile
  • Drystack stone work
  • Backhoe and excavation work
  • Custom wood fences
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