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Website Services: Basic Website Design Elements

A new website should include several basic elements which establish a foundation for the new website.
Additional web pages and features can be added at any time, usually as budgets permit.
Developing a new website begins with one-on-one phone and email consultation about the project.
Important points to discuss are the goals of the site, the target audience, time lines, future growth, and a style for the website that best expresses the direction of the company and its products.
We create custom banners, textual or graphical headings, background textures, and logos if needed or incorporate existing logos, graphical elements, or printed material the company currently uses.

Website Style and Theme design:
Designing a theme for the website allows for a consistent display of graphic and textual content to website visitors. Elements of this design will be used on all pages in the website.

  • Compressed and optimized company logo or banner image
  • Compressed and optimized background image
  • Main navigation link style design
  • Text content display style design
  • Main navigation link structure and keyword friendly page name layout
  • Search engine optimized banner, heading, and navigation links
  • Mobile and desktop friendly design
  • Root folder favicon.ico icon image creation
  • Root folder optimized styles.css style sheet for layout and displaying text
  • Root folder robots.txt file
  • Clean html code and minimal server requests generate fast loading pages

1) The Home Page:
This page presents your company to the world of internet users. The home page is heavily search engine optimized for your main keyword phrases and will display an interface directing visitors to the products, services, and information offered by the company through the website.

Design elements in the home page include:

  • Company logo or banner
  • Company tag line
  • Company mission statement
  • Text giving an overview of the company and its specialties
  • Graphic elements representing the companies catalog or products
  • Links to the products, services, and information offered by the company

2) The Contact Us page:
Collecting information about visitors to the site including their name, address, email address, phone number, and interests can be very useful. This page displays company address information and a form website visitors can submit to request more information. All data entered is included in an email that is sent to the website manager and also saved in a text file on the web server. This text file can be converted into an Access database or Excel spreadsheet as needed. This solution allows the website to collect and store data but does not require any kind of database support on the web server and therefore allows for flexible and low cost hosting options for the website to be utilized. The contact us form is also protected against malicious use and information gathering internet robots and spam list generators.

3) The About Us company information page:
This page presents the companies history, the people involved in making it work, company goals, upcoming meetings or seminars, new products, and announcements. This page describes what it is the company produces or provides and why people should be interested in it. Steering people towards the Contact Us form and generating a lead is goal of each page.

4) The Service Rates or main product overview page:
This page displays the rates for services provided by the company or is a gateway to a larger product catalog.

5) The Testimonials page:
Client testimonials and comments are a great way to promote your business and this page is used to display this feedback. Comments are not automatically added to this page because they need to be manually reviewed before posted live. This page also takes advantage of heavy keyword phrase targeting.

Finishing touches:

Basic new website design package cost: $1,200.00 USD

Basic website hosting + domain name management cost: $85.00 USD per year

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