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Website Services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a hot topic.
There is no doubt that having your website be listed in the first page search results on Google will benefit your sales. Driving web surfing traffic to your website is a great way to generate leads and sales.
Crafty html and programming techniques as well as following basic SEO rules will dramatically improve search engine positioning results for any web page we target.
Once the initial work is done to optimize individual web pages and they become listed in Google these 'natural' search results are free. Period. There are never any additional monthly fees or service charges.
Anyone charging for 'search engine submission' services is a fraud because this is completely not needed. Search engine companies compete to have the most complete directory of websites and information possible. If their directory is complete, more people will use their system. This is why search engines use tools like robots that scan the internet and index information. Once you tell one search engine your website exists all the other search engines will want to list it too. They will basically come to you.
The most effective search engine indexable websites are built from the ground up with goals that target specific keyword phrases potential customers may be using to search with.
Existing web pages can always be enhanced as well.
Services like Google Shopping can be added to enhance visibility of products. Google now requires all products listed in their Google Shopping index have a valid gTin number (EIN or UPC) and this is critically important as Google is pushing towards a future where all mobile based searches channel through Google Shopping first.
For reference, the average referrer method sales for one retail company I work with shows that overall, 34% of sales come from Google Web, 7% from Google Shopping, and 2% from Google Images. Thats almost half of all sales coming from Google channels alone!
This trend towards Google Shopping presents an opportunity for any company that understands how it functions and utilizes it effectively.
Please contact us to discuss any SEO projects you have.

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