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Website Services: Website upgrades

If you already have a website and would like to make some changes, we can help revitalize an existing website by adding some new features like:
  • Information Request form
    Collect information from visitors and receive an email with the information provided.
  • Database support for contact lists
    Easily work with contact list information through a web based interface. Creating emails to all the contacts and gererating printed labels thru MS Word are a few features.
  • Password protection
    Restrict access to certain pages or areas of your site and manage the passwords through a web based interface.
  • Events Calendar
    Have a calendar of upcoming events employees or visitors can check.
  • Company newsletter
    Create newsletters with new company information or highlights.
  • Real Audio / Video
    Add Streaming Audio or Video feeds to your site. Allow visitors to listen to or view actual recordings of presentations, speeches, lectures, demos, or meetings.
  • Custom JavaScripts
    Make the site come alive. Add rollovers, highlights, graphic interchanges, page redirection, navigation bars, pop-up windows.
  • Animated Gifs
    Animated Gifs, Graphics that create motion or change to display a message can be used to draw more attention to a site and important points on a page.

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