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Sustainability: Renewable Energy: Sources

Renewable energy?
To me this is a source of energy that comes from nature which does not deplete nature. Simple enough.
As a worldwide community we have exceled in devising methods of burning all sorts of things to harness the heat for our energy needs.
As people worldwide demand more energy consuming luxuries each day simply burning more things like coal, wood, oil, natural gas or uranium will not fill the demand and respect the planet which supports our lives.
It has become obvious to most that our current manner of energy creation and distribution is making a mess of our planet as we see more pollution in the air, the rivers, the oceans, the forests and the animals each year.
Energy from renewable sources offers a healthy balance between the people with our technology and the planet with its ancient rhythms. My contribution to supporting this vision is to provide the details about what I have personally built and the lessons learned from various projects throughout the years.
  • Solar
  • Hydro
  • Geo-thermal
  • Wind
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