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Sustainability: Sustainable Property Development

Sustainable development is a vague phrase so allow me to express my vision of the words.
Create a tool, product, or service that fills the needs of some part of our community.
Use natural materials from local sources, professional services that maximize others skills, efficient and responsible financing, and labor management systems that promote a healthy worker environment.
We live in an age when land is being bulldozed over to make way for more of mans stuff. We have a complete array of disposable items most of us discard each day. Our desire for in-expensive electricity, natural gas, and water all fuel the national appetite for more resources. Oddly, many Americans now pay more for cable TV than their other utilities combined. Huh? No wonder we turn a blind eye to corporate workings even when we know they are releasing toxic chemicals into the air, ground, and water.
I digress, this is not about poilitics, not this web page anyway, and more importantly, fighting at that level is not how I will choose to channel my energy. I feel a more subtle, show by example, approach suits me better.
With that in mind, I believe there is no need to sacrifice profits in the name of sustainability. I am confident that well built products, smart engineering, quality workmanship, and an understanding to co-exist with and not fight our natural world will in the long run be more cost effective to a project.
As I find exciting projects from around the world that share this common goal they will be added here.
Current projects:

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